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NASL / North American Soccer League Championship

The North American Soccer League was by far the longest running and most successful professional soccer league in United States history to date. The league expaded into Canada during that time. For the years 1967 and 1971-1982, a championship match decided the league title. For the years 1970 and 1984, the championship was decided as a best of 3 contest. For the year 1983, the championship was decided as a best of 5 contest

Year Champion Runner-up Series Result
1984 Chicago Sting Toronto Blizzard 2-0
1983 San Diego Sockers New York Cosmos 3-0
1982 New York Cosmos Seattle Sounders 1-0
1981 Chicago Sting New York Cosmos 1-0
1980 New York Cosmos Fort Lauderdale Strikers 3-0
1979 Vancouver Whitecaps Tampa Bay Rowdies 2-1
1978 New York Cosmos Tampa Bay Rowdies 3-1
1977 New York Cosmos Seattle Sounders 2-1
1976 Toronto Metros-Croatia Minnesota Kicks 3-0
1975 Tampa Bay Rowdies Portland Timbers 2-0
1974 Los Angeles Aztecs Dallas Tornado 4-3
1973 Philadelphia Atoms Dallas Tornado 2-0
1972 New York Cosmos Dallas Tornado 2-1
1971 Dallas Tornado Atlanta Chiefs 2-1
1970 Rochester Lancers Washington Darts 2-0
1969 Kansas City Spurs Atlanta Chiefs n/a
1968 Atlanta Chiefs San Diego Toros n/a
1967 Los Angeles Wolves Washington Whips 6-5



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